The Whole Christ

"He is before all things, and in him all things hold together" (Colossians 1:17)

The Christian basis of Western Society

I am currently reading through Rushdoony’s “The One and the Many”, which has so far been a delightful book. One passage from it recently jumped out at me. Rushdoony is quoting from Max Stirner’s “The Ego and His Own”:

Take notice how a “moral man” behaves, who to-day often thinks he is through with God and throws off Christianity as a bygone thing. If you ask him whether he has ever doubted that the copulation of brother and sister is incest, that monogamy is the truth of marriage, that filial piety is a sacred duty, etc., then a moral shudder will come over him at the conception of one’s being allowed to touch his sister as wife also, etc. And whence this shudder? Because he believes in those moral commandments. This moral faith is deeply rooted in his breast.

Although the book it is quoted from is over a hundred years old, it still rings true today. It dawned upon me, with all the recent debate about gay marriage, how noone seems to be pushing for polygamy. Whilst we have thrown off our Christian heritage in some measure, we have still retained the age old Christian belief that marriage is between two individuals, a reality which is derived from the Christian belief that marriage is defined by the union of Adam and Eve, followed by Christ and the Church (his people). Doesn’t that strike you as restrictive and antiquated?

Also, consider the case of incest. As with polygamy, there is no foundational basis in secular humanism for outlawing incest. So why continue to outlaw the practice? And if it is because we are concerned about the genetic deformities in any children born, then why not outlaw mentally disabled people from having children while we’re at it? This kind of selective inconsistency is proof of the Christian basis of Western society.


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